Changing the Perception of Aging

  • Date: 10 Aug 2016 • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Venue: Hibiscus Court Assisted Living
  • Location: Melbourne, FL

Virtual Dementia Tour

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is an individual experience through simulated dementia created for families, organizations and companies seeking to better understand the physical and mental challenges of those with dementia.

After experiencing this sensory training, you will have a greater understanding of the realities of what living with dementia is like. This unique, interactive program has been shown to improve communication and care. Learning to create a positive environment for those with dementia can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes.


*The Virtual Dementia Tour was created by Atlanta-based Second Wind Dreams®, a national non-profit organization founded by Virtual Dementia Tour author, P.K. Beville, M.S. in 1997 to fulfill dreams for those living in elder care communities and to research ways to improve their quality of life. All donations from tours are given to Second Wind Dreams to continue funding their elder dreams program*.

Program Dates:

Hibiscus Court Assisted Living
540 East Hibiscus Blvd, Melbourne Fl 32901 RSVP: 321-951-1050

June 8, 2016     October 12, 2016    April 13, 2016    August 10, 2016  December 14, 2016     

Brevard Alzheimer’s Foundation
4676 N. Wickham Rd, Melbourne, FL 32935 RSVP: 321-253-4430

May 11, 2016     September 14, 2016     March 9, 2016       July 13, 2016      November 9, 2016