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Membership Procedures

(New & Renewal)

Application Process

□ Applications are to be submitted with code of ethics and payment of $150.00. Made payable to Golden Providers.
□ You will be notified of acceptance via email. In the event membership is denied, the membership fee will be returned to you.
□ Your business listing will be added to the referral list and website upon approval prior to the next monthly meeting.

Benefits to Golden Provider Members:

□ Your business listing on the Golden Providers Elder Friendly referral list.
□ Your business listing printed on Golden Providers brochure of “Elder Friendly Businesses”
□ Distribution of directories through high senior traffic outlets.
□ Additional marketing opportunities and marketing support (Chamber of Commerce, AARP, Health Fairs, Veteran’s functions, etc.)
□ Relationship development with exceptional, like-minded professionals across a wide range of industries.

Two Ways to Join:

Easy Online Application:

Online Membership Application

Prefer to Submit Paper Forms?

Easy as 1-2-3 to Join/Renew:

Step 1: Review our Golden Providers Membership Procedures

Step 2: Sign the Golden Providers Member Code of Ethics

Step 3: Complete the Golden Providers Membership Application

Step 4: Pay for your Golden Providers Membership


Next Steps:

Email your Golden Providers Membership Application and Golden Providers Member Code of Ethics Agreement (plus any required attachments to:  Prefer to fax your Membership documents?  Fax to 321-765-6420.  Questions?  Call us at 321-593-5600.  Thanks for your interest and we look for to welcoming you into Golden Providers!