Be Golden

Why Be Golden?

There are least Five Golden Reasons:

16x16-GP-Favicon As a Golden Provider, you become part of an elite group that pledges to do business according to the Golden Rule by delivering quality goods and services to our most vulnerable community.  Your business benefits through referrals and new business and gains a reputation as a trusted resource for Seniors.

16x16-GP-Favicon As a Golden Provider, you are identified as a Golden Provider in our extensive Directory efforts.  Golden Providers publishes its extensive directory online.   Your listing in the Directory, both printed and online, ensures that your marketing dollar reaches this important audience.


As a Golden Provider, you are represented at numerous Senior events throughout our area.    Golden Providers members are present at key Senior events taking place throughout our area, and as member, your opportunity to participate in the conversation is assured as the outreach continues.

16x16-GP-Favicon As a Golden Provider, you are promoted among our growing Golden Providers network group.  Many opportunities abound to network with industry peers, who are committed to the same quality principals that you hold your firm to.  Through Business Spotlights, B2B Marketing Opportunities and Networking at our monthly meetings, your business grows.

16x16-GP-Favicon As a Golden Provider, you gain education and understanding at our Golden Providers monthly meetings.  Each month, we connect our members with like-minded members, and the meetings provide a good forum for gaining on all the aspects of the Senior market – from education on working with Seniors to implications of various regulations and more.



Membership Procedures

Thank you for your interest in Golden Providers. Golden Providers has been formed as a vehicle to better protect our seniors by connecting licensed, insured, and morally exceptional businesses together. The focus of Golden Providers is to grow our understanding of the various issues impacting seniors and aging. By educating ourselves we are better prepared to handle situations as they arise and make positive change. We pride ourselves on holding to a higher standard and embrace the ideas of community, loyalty, faith, compassion, and good will. It is intended that Golden Providers will provide valuable resources of trusted professionals to our local community.

Mission Statement
“We are a group of businesses, part of a community, who serve our beloved seniors. We seek to honor one another with an excellent work ethic at a fair price while holding each other accountable. Together we serve you, providing a peace of mind.”

Benefits to Golden Provider Members:

□ Your business listing on the Golden Providers Elder Friendly referral list.
□ Your business listing printed on Golden Providers brochure of “Elder Friendly Businesses”
□ Distribution of directories through high senior traffic outlets.
□ Additional marketing opportunities and marketing support (Chamber of Commerce, AARP, Health Fairs, Veteran’s functions, etc.)
□ Relationship development with exceptional, like-minded professionals across a wide range of industries.

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